Service Overview

Projects & Implementation

Strategy & Roadmap Development
Project Management & Implementation

I support you in your digitization projects – especially in the implementation. You can bring me in as an expert as well as a project manager.

I am also happy to support you selectively, e.g. when special challenges or unexpected resistance arise.

I generally manage projects flexibly, i.e. I use agile or “classic” methods depending on the situation. I am convinced that this flexible form works best to achieve sustainable success: consistent in the pursuit of goals, flexible and adaptable in the implementation.

Analysis & Site Assessments

Maturity Level Assessments, Potential Discovery
Process Analysis

I am happy to support you in analyzing your processes or if you would like to know what your Smart Factory or digital process maturity level currently looks like. Afterwards, you will not only receive the results in a clear and action-oriented form, but you will also receive various impulses and recommendations for your next steps. In this way, you can recognize potential in detail and can immediately start working on the next improvements.

I have been working on the analysis and improvement of processes for more than 15 years. For this, I use an extensive toolbox from the areas of Lean, Kaizen, Six Sigma and process management.

Training & Qualification

Program Development
Training Sessions (live, blended, hybrid)

I have been offering trainings and seminars for more than 20 years and am able to address all hierarchical levels  and provide suitable content.

You can choose the format you prefer – live, blended or hybrid. Basically, I offer all my trainings in different forms and formats, so that they can be well integrated into your daily work routine.

In addition, I also offer the creation of any desired or necessary learning media. These are e.g. videos, quizzes or other learning-accompanying formats.

I always follow a holistic approach that focuses not only on processes and technologies, but also on people and corporate culture. My trainings are therefore characterized by interactivity, varied methods, tasks and formats. As a moderation expert, I succeed in integrating the expectations and concerns of the participants directly into the program and support a direct transfer into practice with the help of examples.

Target groups

Industry, service providers, educational institutions
Skilled workers and managers
Trainers, teachers

My offers are aimed at specialists and executives from various industries. I also work regularly with trainers and teachers. I work with both medium-sized and large companies.


Management consultancies
Software specialists
Education providers

If required, I work with various cooperation partners such as management consultancies, software specialists and educational institutions. In this way, even more extensive projects can be successfully managed together and you can benefit from the expertise required in each case.