People should do what people do best.

Digital Transformation for Digital Liberation

A good digital transformation should lead to a Digital Liberation for the people. They are not replaced by digital aids, but freed from annoying, unpopular or unloved tasks. Liberated from these tasks, they can fully focus on the activities that humans can do especially well: solve problems, use intuition, be creative, develop ideas, communicate with other people, evaluate and analyze, make holistic decisions.

For Newcomers: Discover and understand digitization!

Not seeing the forest for the trees in the digitization? No surprise! With all that is currently trumpeted in the context of digitization, sold as a “must have” or praised as “the thing” of the future – hardly anyone can know what is truly relevant or just marketing buzz or hype.
My offer for newcomers creates insights and tries to provide the big picture. Basic topics are covered to improve general understanding. Terms will be explained and sorted, trend and hype will be distinguished from each other. Preparing you to take first steps which make sense and to draw your own big picture.

Change | Culture | Technology

Achieve Digital Fitness

Digital Fitness – preparing now and staying in shape
How can we optimally prepare ourselves? What should we do now? What can we decide later?

Inspiration | Viability | New Work

Shaping future viability and success – inspire and lead with clarity

As a leader or DECISION MAKER, you want to make your company fit for the future and move forward with a clear idea and a viable STRATEGY.

iIoT | MES | Industry 4.0 | Big Data

The way to the Smart Factory

When it comes to Smart Factories many people think of automation only and maybe even of a factory without people. That’s too short.

Digital Workplace | BI | RPA | AI

Smart Business and Lean Administration

Smart Business and Lean Administration in the 21st century – designing efficient processes and providing the best possible digital support for people’s daily work.

Culture | Strategy | Vision | Future

Consulting & Implementation

Digitization involves many fundamental questions for which a company should find individual answers. In particular, new creative approaches are needed. In addition to a suitable strategy, a suitable form of management of change is necessary.

Knowledge | Skills | Fear | Support

Training & Workshops

New times need new skills. Qualify yourself and your employees for the digital future. Eliminate fears of digitization – build positive belief and support. Enable successful projects!